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OT: Midge Ure/Bob Geldof [May. 29th, 2005|07:14 pm]
off topic: midge ure: live aid iiCollapse )
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Visions in Blue caps [Oct. 6th, 2004|10:37 pm]

I've made some VIB screen caps.

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thinking [Aug. 26th, 2004|03:53 am]
how many videos have ultravox released? the ones i've got on my comp are:

the voice
the thin wall
dancing with tears in my eyes
visions in blue

any other come to mind? i know there's more...just can't think of them...probably "we came to dance" or "all stood still".

i'll post some screencaps of what i've got sometime. these videos are AMAZING if you have not seen them.
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owinalkjdoieanldf [Apr. 23rd, 2004|08:24 pm]

[music |King Crimson- "Dangerous Curves"]

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John Foxxworthy [Mar. 7th, 2004|07:18 pm]

[music |John Foxx- "Systems of Romance"]


[A man bearing a strong facial resemblance to John Foxx walks on stage. He's wearing a nondescript gray suit...and cowboy boots. His hair is graying save for a dark brown mullet on the back of his head. He speaks in a high-pitched Tennessee accent and addresses a welcoming audience.]

JOHN FOXXWORTHY: Now, a lot of y'all spot me on the street in my nondescript anonymous gray suit and ask, "Hey, John, how do I know if I'm a quiet man?" Well, I've broken it down for ya here and now...

If the Michelangelo layers of living figures and random architecture are displayed [adds emphasis] on a screen of water...you might be a quiet man.

[The audience laughs uproariously.]

If the city eases you through and absorbs you through your [adds emphasis] clothing [the audience starts laughing in anticipation]...you might be a quiet man.

[more laughing.]

OK, one more...["awwws" from the audience] If the streets [John starts laughing, but catches himself much to the delight of the audience]...if the streets open out into a piazza with a huge fountain at the center and worn marble figures [adds emphasis] tangle in the cascade [uproarious laughter in anticipation]...you might be a quiet man.

[He bows, runs backstage and kisses his wife.]
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|05:24 pm]
here's a survey thingy...i filled it out...take out mine, put yours in, then add ONE question to the end and answer it.

and it repeats!

++favourite album(s)?
ha! ha! ha!
++favourite songs(s)?
obviously "the thin wall"
"lament (ext.)"
"passing strangers"
++favourite side project or solo work(s)?
++favourite photo(s)?
this one
++most memorable ultravox experience?
being the only one dancing to "vienna"
++what got you into ultravox, initially?
visage, who i absolutely LOVE <3
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|12:34 am]
welcome to THE THIN WALL, an Ultravox fan community on LJ.

post anything you like about the band: pictures, thoughts, concert info, news, album stuff, questions, what if's, humor. it's ALL GOOD. share your stories, impressions and interpretations.

only a few rules...

...off-topic posts about you personally, side projects or other people without an lj-cut marking it as such, UNLESS: an introduction/just joined post, questions about bands/community, discussion involving the band AND side projects *in conjunction*, general important notices meant to be viewed by the whole community (i mean, if somebody dies/you are leaving/a new CD is released by someone related to ultravox::: not like "my grandma made bread today").
...flame wars on the group (take it home).
+absolutely no
...porn or spam.
...degrading, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. now, i'm not going to ride on your ass for calling john foxx an "art fag", but i will kick you out like an FBI agent caught with pot if you're being offensive- and more often than not, OFF TOPIC.

+if you would like to Xpost, please mail me first. you may or may not see it up otherwise due to me taking it down.

+sorry about all this rule crap, i just want to keep this a healthy, happy community.

have fun!
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