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[Mar. 5th, 2004|12:34 am]
welcome to THE THIN WALL, an Ultravox fan community on LJ.

post anything you like about the band: pictures, thoughts, concert info, news, album stuff, questions, what if's, humor. it's ALL GOOD. share your stories, impressions and interpretations.

only a few rules...

...off-topic posts about you personally, side projects or other people without an lj-cut marking it as such, UNLESS: an introduction/just joined post, questions about bands/community, discussion involving the band AND side projects *in conjunction*, general important notices meant to be viewed by the whole community (i mean, if somebody dies/you are leaving/a new CD is released by someone related to ultravox::: not like "my grandma made bread today").
...flame wars on the group (take it home).
+absolutely no
...porn or spam.
...degrading, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. now, i'm not going to ride on your ass for calling john foxx an "art fag", but i will kick you out like an FBI agent caught with pot if you're being offensive- and more often than not, OFF TOPIC.

+if you would like to Xpost, please mail me first. you may or may not see it up otherwise due to me taking it down.

+sorry about all this rule crap, i just want to keep this a healthy, happy community.

have fun!